Get Lit- (erary)

I am struggling to come up with an appropriate name for the book club. I want it to be quirky and fun, while still maintaining some sense of intellect.

Pageturners (too common)

Readers Roundtable (boring)

Novels at Night (sounds X Rated)

Coffee Talk  (Linda Richmond isn’t available)

Happy Endings (are we dying?)

Get Lit-(erary)

Hmmm…I can’t find a reason to hate it. And it would make a great t-shirt. Just sayin.



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  1. It WOULD make a great t-shirt–We need t-shirts! 😉


  2. This is fabulous!! I am living vicariously through your creativity – very funny writing. I read it in your voice, which makes it even funnier. Great job Jess🙂


  3. I love this! ALL of it! (Not all the names, but all the writing and the sharing!)
    Get Lit (erary) gets my vote! ❤️ To you!


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